The EFFECT Foundation

In 1990, Tony Stockwell founded the EFFECT Foundation with the aim of developing and propagating new learning methods and techniques in the field of early child development. education, foreign language acquisition and business training. 


Within a short period of time, the Foundation was active worldwide in universities, schools and international business organisations. The major advantage of the method is that the same subject can be taught in five different languages with the same effectiveness, success and within the same time frame.  The EFFECT Foundation is a state-recognised institution. 

The Stockwell Method

This learning method follows a cycle in which all the contents are repeated at least three times using affective and cognitive learning activities to support elaboration and transfer. The method addresses each type of learner, integrates the learner into the learning process and is fun. 

Learning Foreign Languages

EFFECT offers five foreign languages at seven different levels, all taught by mother-tongue teachers. German is offered within the framework of integration and terminates with a TELC certification at A1 to C2 level. The EFFECT Foundation is TELC certified. 

Educational Methodology

Learning activities and  techniques incorporated in the Stockwell Method address all age groups of learners and cover all subjects. These methods are implemented widely and incorporated into teaching in universities, colleges of education as well as schools and companies.

Business Application

Short and effective training saves time and money. Insurance Companies, Banks, IT Organisations, Industry and Commerce quickly discovered the advantages of this method, implementing it into their courses and, at the same time,  fostering team work and cooperation.