In 1986, Tony Stockwell developed a course for lawyers on Anglo Saxon Civil Law in collaboration with the Swiss Lawyers Association. The target group was Swiss lawyers who wanted to extend their knowledge in English in patent, trademark, bank, trust and property law. 


Special Subject Courses:


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Business Demands Cost Effective Training

The result was an intensive legal English course which, to the astonishment of the participants, endowed them with an extensive knowledge of Anglo Saxon Civil Law in a very short time. Business is always searching for fast and cost effective training, consequently the system was applied to other fields. 

Sales and Customer Orientation

You want to be customer oriented. Your customers are your centre of attention. You want to be politically correct. On the basis of his many years of experience in business English and his experience in the business environment, Tony Stockwell was in a position to create and conduct a sales and customer orientation course in accordance with the needs of each customer. These courses were developed for banks, wholesalers and retailers, industrial concerns as well as IT and insurance companies. The courses are always tailor made and embedded in the Stockwell Method - initially the courses were offered in German and English but later this was extended to French, Italian and Spanish, whereby the content and method remain the same. 

Telephony, Team Work, Personnel Management

In 1990, there were no Call Centres in Liechtenstein and Switzerland and very few across Europe. In a customer orientation course, contracted by "South West Bell" USA, Tony Stockwell gained his first experience in Call Centres and Telemarketing. Zurich and Winterthur Insurance heard about his experience, the Stockwell Method and wanted to take advantage of it in the training of their Call Centre employees. They were followed by the major Swiss banks UBS,  Credit Suisse, ZKB and Rabo Robeco, who were opening Phone Banking Centres.  Call Centres and Help Desks are common place today. Recruiting suitable personnel presents challenges and when the correct employees are found, management has to be trained to supervise them accordingly.

Special Subject Courses for Bespoke Companies

HP, UBS, Zurich Insurance, Swiss Life and many others were interested in fast and efficient training. With the product knowledge of the contractor, it was possible to develop product-specific courses which shortened the training period and expedited the acquisition of knowledge, which could be put into practice immediately. This was a welcome development at a time when banks and insurance companies were in an intensive recruitment phase. The courses, depending on the contract, were offered in three languages in more than seven European countries. In the course of time, almost every major Swiss company profited from this type of training and many of the techniques applied have been integrated into internal company training.