Our German courses are structured in accordance with the joint European Reference Framework. The competence levels are recognised all over Europe and certification at the various levels is a pre-requisite for gaining residence permits or admittance to establishments of higher education. 

The "Ausländer- und Passamt Vaduz" offers financial support through language vouchers. The "Stiftung Erwachsenenbildung" supports participants through a voucher for further education

Course Content

The contents of the courses vary according to level. The scope of Level A includes personal every-day vocabulary, accompanied by basic grammar. At level B, general subjects as well as current affairs are an important part of the course, with greater emphasis placed on reading and writing. Business and universities require a C level certificate. These courses are designed to meet those demands. Currently, EFFECT offers courses up to C1. Please refer to our flyers. 

Combined German Studies and Residence Permit

The EFFECT Foundation is authorised, in collaboration with the Foreigners and Passport Office, to offer intensive German courses in combination with a residence permit for a period of 6 to 18 months. If you, a family member, a friend or acquaintance wish to apply, please see our detailed step-by-step brochure.

A1 Courses

A1 is the basic requirement for family reunification in Liechtenstein. The goal of the A1 course is to secure basic understanding and speaking. 

B1 Courses

The B1 certificate is required in order to gain a Liechtenstein passport. The B1 includes an extended vocabulary and topical subjects.

Examinations and Certificates

You can register directly for an examination as an external candidate or attend an internal mock examination as preparation.


Next Exam Dates German 

A1: 28.10., 10.11., 24.11., 15.12.2023, CHF 120.-

A2: 28.10., 10.11., 24.11., 15.12.2023,  CHF 160.-

B1: 27.10., 11.11., 25.11., 16.12.2023 CHF 220.-

B2: 27.10., 11.11., 25.11., 16.12.2023 CHF 250.-

C1: auf Anfrage  CHF 290.- 

A2 Courses

The A2 certificate is a pre-condition for receiving a C residence permit in Liechtenstein. The A2 course revolves around personal and every-day language. 

B2 and C1 Courses

You want to become a professional nurse or carer, attend a management course or university, then your will require a B2 i.e. a C1 certificate. 

Exam Preparation

A special preparation course acquaints you with examination contents and procedures, even if you have well-founded knowledge. Ring us to find out more about mock tests and preparation days. 

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