Learning Languages with EFFECT

Learn a foreign language using the Stockwell Method. Experience how you can integrate all your five learning channels: kinaesthetic (doing and feeling), visual (seeing and imagining), verbal (internal and external dialogue), auditive (hearing and understanding) and scriptoric (reading and writing).

Learning Effectively

You sit in a relaxation chair. Your teacher is mother-tongue. The learning material is presented in active form as near to real life as possible. You are fully integrated into the learning activities which help you elaborate and transfer your quickly accumulated knowledge. It is fun and guarantees an intensive learning process. Grammar, supplemented by posters, is also presented in the same manner. At the beginner stage, the dialogues are translated into your own language. 

Deutsch A1–C2

You want to learn German. You require a TELC certificate (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Why not attend a day or evening course at your particular level running at your required speed. Most courses are state-subsidised. 

English Level 1–7

You need to improve your English and require a European Language Certificate (A1C1) or perhaps a Business English Course is on your agenda, in private lessons, a group or a company course.

Français A1–B1

You would like to improve your French and acquire a European Language Certificate (A1C1). You have a choice of three possibilities: an open group, a company course or private tuition. 

Español / Italiano

You want to learn Spanish or Italian for professional purposes or for vacations. You will learn quickly and have fun being able to communicate easily. Choose from 3 options: private tuition, a group or a company course.