Teaching Methodology and Didactics

The EFFECT Foundation was established with the explicit goal of discovering and researching educational methods, developing learning techniques and promoting them globally in schools, colleges and universities through teacher training, language courses and general education.  

The Origin of the Stockwell Method

For over 40 years, Tony Stockwell has assigned himself to the learning process and the transfer of knowledge. In 1979, a colleague presented him with an article which described a didactical approach developed in an Eastern European country. The idea inspired him and triggered a long development of educational methods which began in Cologne and extended almost over the entire globe.   

Tony Stockwell -        His Motivation

Born in the United Kingdom, his studies began in Nottingham and continued in Germany. In England he was employed as a civilian lecturer, which took him to over 23 different countries before he finally settled in Germany in order to learn the language. This "short" visit finally lasted for more than 10 years. In Germany he began to develop new methods and learning techniques. His research took him to Bulgaria, the USA and Liechtenstein as head of an educational foundation.          The EFFECT Foundation was established in 1990 from which he pursued his work in schools, education and languages. 

The Stockwell Method Further Development

The method is based on "Suggestopedia" which was developed in Eastern Europe. It follows a cycle in which pictures, dialogues and classical music are interspersed with simple learning activities. At that time, the method mirrored the political climate of Eastern Europe. In the West, the method appeared a little antiquated. Tony Stockwell adapted the techniques to suit Western society, developing numerous learning activities which were initially tested in language teaching before finally being applied to teacher training and other subjects. His book "Accelerated Learning" has been translated into 10 languages. 

Learning Techniques / Helping Children Learn

The goal of the Foundation is to develop and promote modern learning techniques and methods. The game-like learning activities are suitable for adults and children at all learning levels, from the challenged to the advanced learner, on condition that the techniques and contents are adapted to correspond with the intellectual requirements of the learner. Learning techniques are designed to support parents when assisting their children in the learning process. Children, pupils and students are often faced with the dilemma: "I want to learn but I don't know how."  Tony Stockwell provides solutions for all age groups.