Italian and Spanish are almost essential for business. South America is a favourite destination for travellers. Learning the basics of the language before taking an extended stay, is highly recommended. As one of the four state languages in Switzerland, Italian is essential when visiting Italy and Tessin. 

 EFFECT offers French, Spanish and Italian private lessons for individuals or small groups. A 45-minute lesson costs CHF 72.- for one or two participants and CHF 80.- for 3 or 4 participants. The courses are tailor-made to fit your individual needs. Emphasis is placed on communication, all our teachers are native speakers. Ask for a personalised offer.

Level 1 (A1)

You have no or very little previous knowledge of the language but wish to learn it easily and quickly. The emphasis of this course is placed on understanding the basics and simple communication (understanding and speaking). The course will enable you to operate in every-day situations and even explain your interests or hobbies. 

Level 2 (A1–A2)

You have a basic understanding of the language and can conduct a simple conversation but wish to advance your language abilities to a higher level. This course offers extended vocabulary in addition to grammatical structures. You will be able to participate in more complex discussions on a private or business level as well as read and write simple communications.  

Level 3 (A2–B1)

You have a solid understanding of the language and wish to develop your abilities to a higher level using complex sentence structures and  grammar for private and business purposes. By extending your active vocabulary, you will be able to participate in discussions on general subjects and work matters. 

You are not sure about your language ability?

Arrange a free assessment, without any obligation.

Spanish or Italian Flyer (in German)