As one of the four state languages in Switzerland French is important, especially in the professional field. You learnt French at school and you want be activate your language. Our courses will enable you to upgrade your language abilities for professional or leisure purposes.


EFFECT offers French, Spanish and Italian private lessons for individuals or small groups. A 45-minute lesson costs CHF 72.- for one or two participants and CHF 80.- for 3 or 4 participants. The courses are tailor-made to fit your individual needs. Emphasis is placed on communication, all our teachers are native speakers. Ask for a personalised offer.  

Level 0 and 1 (A1)

A three-day introductory course (Level 0) will allow you to take your first steps in the French language. Participants whose knowledge of French lies in the distant past, should attend our Level 1 course in which you will reactivate your latent abilities and learn the basics of the language. At the end of the course, you will be able to conduct a simple conversation. 

Level 2 (A1–A2)

You have a basic knowledge of French, are able to follow a simple conversation and wish to develop your abilities quickly. This course will extend your vocabulary, provide you with grammatical structures and enable you to conduct a more complex conversation for private and business purposes. You will also learn to read and write notes and texts. 

Level 3 (A2–B1)

You have a sound knowledge of French and wish to extend your vocabulary and grammar to a much higher and complex level. You use the language regularly, for private purposes or in business. You wish to actively participate in discussions on general matters and be more agile and flexible. 

You are not sure about your level of French?

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