Our Team

Our specially-trained staff have many years of experience in education, business or language teaching and have been trained in the Stockwell Method. The materials are carefully designed and tested before they are implemented into our courses. All language courses are taught by mother-tongue teachers.  

Tony Stockwell

Founder, Researcher and

Educational Director

Bärbel Stockwell

Administrative Director

Senior Language Examiner

Tracy Tschol

English Examiner, Teacher, Administration

Angela Prager

German Teacher

and Examiner

Isabelle Hoch

German Literacy 


Annica Richter

German Teacher

Ilona Peschke

German Teacher

Marion Häusler

German Teacher

Christina Näscher

German Teacher

Marsha Neyer

 German Teacher

Roberta Oggioni

 Italian Teacher

Carmela de Iaco

Italian Teacher

Duncan Ironside

English / Business 


Suany Göggel

Spanish Teacher


Nathalie Victoriano

French Teacher

Silvia Pederiva

IT Adviser and Editor